Tips On Picking Out An Ideal Personal Sewing Machine

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best personal sewing machineHaving a personal sewing machine is not only very satisfying, but it is also very practical. Sewing is a skill that depends mostly on practice; it is not something that you can really learn from a book. You need to use a sewing machine to get good at it, so having a personal sewing machine at home is essential if you want to hone your skills.

The biggest problem that novices face, however, is picking the wrong kind of machine. If your sewing machine is no good, then all the practice in the world won’t help you out.

Buying a good machine does not mean going out and spending thousands of dollars. But there are some important features that your machine should have. In this article, we will give you some essential tips on picking out the perfect personal sewing machine.

Tips On Picking Out An Ideal Sewing Machine for Personal Use

Tip 1: Ask Friends and Family What They Use

This obvious step is often overlooked but can be very helpful. Surely you can ask either your mother, aunt, or grandmother what machine they use or what machine they recommend. They will probably also be glad to let you try theirs out so you can get a feel for it.

Tip 2: Consider What You Plan On Sewing

best personal sewing machine for fabrics

This is important, since a machine that is good for one job may not be ideal for another. Ask yourself the following questions: Do you plan mainly on making adjustments, repairing clothing, or hemming pant legs? Do you plan on making gowns and entire outfits? Do you plan on using thick materials like wool or leather, or do you plan on using light and delicate materials?

Tip 3: Make Sure The Machine Is Sturdy

While it is not a good idea to go out and buy a professional machine right from the get-go, your sewing machine should be sturdy. This means not going for the cheapest mini machine on the market.

Tip 4: Check The Stitching Options

Some machines have dozens of stitching options. Excess is unnecessary and confusing to a beginner, but make sure the sewing machine has at least two basic stitch options: linear and zig zag.

Tip 5: Make Sure It Is Easy To Thread

Threading a sewing machine can seem like an impossible task for a novice. It is a good idea to buy a machine that is easy to thread. Some more recent models have a diagram right on the machine to help with threading.

Tip 6: The Machine Should Have The Ability To Backstitch

Most machines have this feature. However, some models may not have it. Backstitching comes in very handy, and it is a very important feature for you to have on your sewing machine.


There are thousands of models of sewing machines out there, and some models seem to have thousands of options. To start out, however, there are only a few essential features that you need.

So, don’t get confused or overwhelmed, If you pick out a machine according to the tips in this article you will find a great sewing machine that will serve your needs and allow you to hone your skills!